Planning & Building regulations

Planning & Building regulations

Planning to build your dream home – Building Regulations

Most properties have permitted development rights which means you can extend your property within certain limits without any further involvement from your planning department but ensuring you have the correct building regulations in place is key.

As a basic overview:

  1. Any works to the front of the property will need planning consent.
  2. You are allowed to extend terrace dwellings by 50 cubic metres and semi detached dwellings by 70 cubic metres.
  3. If you have already extended your property the volume must be deducted from your PDR.
  4. If you back onto a highway you will require planning permission

Planning & building regulations can be a little daunting so we are happy to write to your local planning department on your behalf enclosing a detailed drawing of your proposal and requesting planning approval.

For more information on planning & building regulations, please visit the links below:

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