Today’s kitchens need to be functional and adaptable environment a space for family and friends to come together and socialise. A modern kitchen design needs to interpret the lifestyle of the family and reflect its aspirations and become the hub of a family home.

Of course, if your house is large enough to have a room totally dedicated to dining, a formal dining room is still a great asset, however many of us live in houses where the space can be better utilised so an open plan kitchen-dining room and snug area is a fantastic addition to any home.

Kitchen design


Good design has potential to transform the lives of those it touches. We approach the design process as a partnership with our clients combining our experience and practical skills with their vision of the completed project. 

As an independent company we can offer advise on the best ranges of cabinets, doors and appliances from many manufactures and fit them seamlessly into the overall design.

When choosing your kitchen practicality is essential and this is especially crucial in the choice of the work surface:

  • Think about practicalities, such as the maintenance of your If you have young children, a material that marks easily such as glass, is not ideal.
  • If you like cooking, consider a heat-resistant material such as granite around your hob, so that you can move hot pans off the heat and onto the worktop.
  • If hygiene is a concern, think about anti-bacterial materials, such as Corian or stainless steel. Remember that steel will scratch over time, creating a worn patina that some love, but if you want a pristine worktop, it might not be the right choice for you.

Some of the choices available

  • Granite – chose Granite for a hard wearing, sophisticated worktop that will never go out of fashion.
  • Quartz, or composite – Is a wonderful hypoallergenic and stylish worktop that is available in many colours. Perfect for the modern look.
  • Glass – A glass worktop in your kitchen will give a contemporary finish which can be lit to create an air of ambience.
  • Wood – This natural material is perfect for the more traditional kitchen although wet areas should be avoided.
  • Concrete – For the adventurous and trendy wanting to bring a New York loft vibe into their home.
  • Stainless steel – Used to create an industrial look, Stainless steel is easy to clean and heat resistant.
  • Corian – A completely moulded option that is low maintenance, available in a variety of colours and perfect for the modern kitchen.

We will work with you to create your perfect design and produce full CAD drawings so that you get a full picture of what your space will look like and allows you to get a accurate feel of the functionality.